The Definitive Guide to Using Amazon S3 With Yuvid – Part 1

We have a bunch of info scattered here and there on how to use this important resource. But precisely because it is so important, it’s about time we put it all in one place for easy access.

You may want to know why we’re so big on Amazon for hosting videos in the first place. Lots of reasons.

1. Videos need bandwidth. Amazon is infinitely scalable.

2. Videos need to start fast and play without being choppy. Amazon is built for speed.

3. Videos need to be able to play anywhere in the world. Amazon has servers everywhere, putting you within reach of anyone who can understand you.

4. Having all your videos in one place makes you more efficient. Amazon has a cool folder system that keeps everything neat and tidy and easy to find.

5. Amazon only charges you for the bandwidth you use. For 90% of us, that’s pennies per month. It’s an outrageous value made possible by their scale. And the cost goes down every year.

6. It’s silly simple to make your videos public or to hide them.

7. It’s just as simple to get the code and place it in your video player.

I’m sure there are more reasons than this, but those are enough for me! So let’s get started.

Step 1: Get an S3 account if you don’t already have one.

Here’s how:

Next we’ll make your first¬†optimized video file to upload to your new Amazon bucket. One that will play smoothly and look fantastic.

Next Step...

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