Got Questions?

Thank you for your interest in the Yuvid Video Player. We know there are a lot of questions, especially about making any changes. Here are some that others have asked. We think they'll help you make a more informed decision.

What do I need to install? +

Absolutely nothing. Yuvid works in the cloud, so there's never anything to install and all updates are automatic. You never have to ftp anything to your website or know anything about html. And it's accessible from anywhere in the world.

Does Yuvid work with WordPress? +

Oh yes, and it bypasses a lot of problems with some popular WordPress plug-ins. For instance, with older versions of Optimizepress, you can paste your Yuvid player anywhere you want. And it works with the new version of Optimizepress by using the custom code module, as with any other non-YouTube player. (That’s how we use it on this site.) It also works seamlessly with any other WordPress theme.

Does Yuvid work with my autoresponder? +

Yes, right now it works with the following providers:
We can add most others upon request.
It easily adds contacts and tags them using the built-in opt-in forms. Your autoresponder can likely be added on request.

Is the player responsive? +

Yes. It adapts to the size available on your web page or a viewer's smartphone. You can also specify exact percentage of screen size that you want your video to occupy on mobile devices.



Does Yuvid let me play a YouTube video? +

You betcha. And we do it a darn sight cleverly than any other player. You can play the YouTube video as though it's playing right through a YouTube embed. You cannot tell the difference between your player and the YouTube player. This is very helpful when you want to rank on YouTube, but don't want to risk losing the video if YouTube takes it down.

And there's more...

  • You can use YouTube as a fallback, in the slight possibility that your MP4, Flash, WebM or OGG video doesn’t play on a particular user’s page. The player simply selects your YouTube version to play instead.
  • You can tell your YouTube version to play from the start! That’s right. You can designate YouTube as a priority, so the other versions stay in the background. And all the YouTube functionality like annotations remain.



Can I hide the YouTube logo inside the player? +

No legitimate player will do that. That is against YouTube’s terms of service.

Can I hide the rest of YouTube’s branding inside the video? +

Yes, to a point. You can hide the YouTube controls, the YouTube logo while the video is playing and the YouTube title.

Can I time events like opt-in boxes and Buy Now buttons? +

Yes. To the second. And you can have them appear before and after the video as well.

Can I use this player on multiple sites? +

Yes. You may use the commercial version on as many sites as you own.

What kind of analytics do I get? +

We send your analytics straight to your own Google Analytics page. There you can see if someone did the following:

Started the video
Played the video
Paused the video and where
Stopped the video
The video ended
If someone clicked a button
If someone submitted an opt-in form
When someone stopped watching

We think these are the most helpful pieces of information to know about how your videos are being received.

Is adult content permitted? +

Uploading adult content is not permitted. Sorry.

What if I have questions or problems in using the player? +

Just send an email to and we’ll take care of you promptly. We also have a private user group where you can share experiences with other users, ask questions and make suggestions for future upgrades. And we’re there everyday answering questions and taking part in the discussions. We don’t leave you hanging with unresponsive “help sites”. We take this very personally and make sure everyone knows they are fully supported by our whole team. That means being responsive to your questions. So if you’ll never wait more than 6 hours to hear from someone.

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